Transparency and Guarantee Policies

For the Grupo LifEscozul Cuba, nothing is more important than offering verifiable guarantees and adequate transparency policies from the beginning.

LifEscozul™ - Transparency and Guarantee Policies

In this article we will present a series of concepts that we apply in our daily work with cancer patients that define how we act and protect both the patient's personal information and their rights.

Transparency and Guarantees Policy.

The Internet has brought people together at incredible levels, but it has also enabled new forms of fraud that are exacerbated when it comes to cancer and people's desperation for a solution.

We are aware that our work must be as transparent as possible in order to provide the greatest peace of mind to our patients.

But what is it to be transparent?

First, is important to us that the patient knows that our samples were certified.

What does this mean?

It means that the venom of every scorpion in the world has its own identity. It's like fingerprints.

There is no venom identical to another. So each sample that we use must correspond to the Rhopalurus junceus venom, which is used to make Escozul.

This is vital.

On the other hand, Escozul in its final preparation is transparent and colorless.

How to know then if what we are receiving is water or really venom?

The only way is by certifying our samples, which we do with several independent centers such as the University of Talca in Chile and the laboratory in the US.

And making each patient aware of these certificates is our first obligation.

Second, each result that we publish of patients in treatment is accompanied by medical documentation before and after taking Escozul , where the positive evolution of the patient can be seen.

Why is this important?

Testimonials abound on the web, however most are not real.

To guarantee our patients that they are reading real cases, medical information is attached to each case that proves that they are real patients and that demonstrate the patient's condition before and after using Escozul  .

This is called medical evidence. And it is the result of a detailed follow-up of the case by our medical group.

A testimony can be written by anyone, medical evidence cannot be falsified.

Third, each patient has the right to speak directly with our patients in treatment, with our doctors and specialists. When you want it and when you want it.

Fourth, each patient before starting the treatment has an Information Phase where the real possibilities of being successful with the treatment are indicated.

Here the patient will know what are the possible results that he can expect, what will be the personalized dose to use, which doctor will be taking his case, and what would be the minimum treatment time to see these results.

It is our way of protecting you from false expectations. If Escozul ™ is not going to help, we will tell you.

Fifth, the patient, upon being accepted within the medical protocol, signs a contract that protects their rights regarding confidentiality.

This means that we cannot use your data or documents without the express authorization of the patient. Nothing is more important to us than protecting patient information.

This contract also establishes our obligations and guarantees in our services.

Sixth, each shipment we make is accompanied by a courier guide that certifies its origin and entry into the destination country. This allows the patient to follow the shipment of the product from its origin to their home from any device.

Seventh, each patient is under medical supervision. It is our responsibility to analyze the emails that patients in treatment write and respond accordingly, since the results depend on it.

However, it is vital that the patient understands that their responsibility is to stay in contact with our medical staff and keep us abreast of their progress.

And Eighth, and more important. Always be there for the patient. It does not matter if it is a holiday or Sunday.

Time for a patient is your most limited resource.

These Policies are what have allowed us to be a leading company and a great family with Escozul , with 10 years of constant work and the only company capable of presenting proven results of which we are extremely proud.